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Alternatives to Declawing!!!

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Alternatives to Declawing

Cat A Do has a strict policy against the painful and dangerous practice of declawing. Recently we had contact with someone who took their kitten in for declawing and after surgery came back blind, incontinent and had problems with eating. In another situation, someone else had taken in their kitten for declawing and DIED. The US is one of the only countries left that hasn't outlawed this awful practice. Please get the facts on declawing before putting your furry friend through this.

There are many humane options for handling scratching out there. Please see the links posted below for more information and the alternatives to this horrible procedure.

SPCA/HUMANE SOCIETY Declawing Alternatives download pdf:

Technical Facts of Declawing:

Countries that Outlaw Declawing:

The Drawbacks (Resulting Physical/Behavioral Problems):

Some Alternatives to Declawing: