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Success Stories and Happy Endings

Here are just a few examples of our successful rescues. In all cases, the cats or kittens were homeless, and we were able to place them with loving new homes.

Bambi - from Homeless to New Mexico Princess!

Bambi is a beautiful Ragdoll who needed to find a new forever home. In February, a wonderful couple came all the way from New Mexico to adopt Bambi. We are so happy for Bambi to have such a wonderful family! Recently, we got an email and pictures from Bambie:

Dear Karen,

I think I love my new mom and dad, so thanks for rescuing me. You did a good thing for me. Mom says I have a ways to go, but she is so impressed in how far I've come along in three weeks. She says I am showing all the signs of getting past my troubles in time.

    Here is my of list of "8 Amazing Things About My Life as Bambi Bass"

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