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Nov Dec Newsletter

Cat A Do Thanks You...

First, we want to wish you a Happy Holiday, and thank you so much for your generosity in providing care and/or "forever homes" for a rescue kitty(ies) this past year!!!

It is a time of celebration, and we at Cat A Do Cat Co-Op (Formerly part of Nine Lives Foundation) celebrate that together were able to rescue and adopted over 200 cats/kittens during the 2010 year, and it's not over yet.

During the month of June, we adopted over 40 kittens/cats which was record-breaking. However, in the months since June, adoptions have slowed, and rescues have increased, and we need the public's help more than ever....

We currently have over 40 rescue kittens and cats requiring support as they are awaiting their forever homes, and we receive emails and calls every day asking for more help. Currently, we have at least 8 special needs kittens and/or cats that require additional support in terms of medical services...


If you might consider donating your time as a volunteer or foster, please visit CatADo.org and look under "How to Help" menu

Sebastian is one of the kitties that need your help now...

sebastian needs a forever home Sebastian born approximately 10/10/2010, is an ADORABLE black and white Maine Coon Tuxedo kitten who will melt your heart. He has big round owl-like eyes that look like he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sebastian is very loving, purrs up a storm, and loves to play!

Sebastian is likely to be a special needs kitten as he was rescued from the jaws of a dog when he was just the size of a mouse! It wasn't certain at that time if he would walk, loose his tail or have control of all of his faculties. Sebastian is making his come back. He can run and play, and gets to keep his tail! Sebastian currently needs some help with bladder expression which would just require a home with someone who could attend to him a few times during the day. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information or if you would like to donate to help Sebastian. He is a great kitty who needs a special home.

Oh Henry needs a forever home Oh Henry born in July, is a sweet and energetic little black Bombay mix kitten with a cute triangle patch of white on his chest. Oh Henry has a great personality with ALOT of love to give, and is just hoping for a family to love. Oh Henry tested positive to felv.

Sketch needs a forever home Sketch is a beautiful medium haired tabby. Born 6/15/10, She may be long haired as an adult. Sketch is super sweet kitty that loves to cuddle. She loves people and always wants to be included and near you. Sketch tested positive to felv.

Candy needs a forever homeCandy is a beautiful year old medium hair Russian Blue Female and mom to Oh Henry! She was rescued from a yard with her three kittens. She is very sweet (hence her name:) and loving and so deserving of a wonderful safe indoor home.

maycee needs a forever home lucky needs a forever home smokey needs a forever home Maycee, Smokee and Lucky three adorable 2 year old siblings who have been living in a small room in a foster home awaiting their chance for adoption since they were 8 weeks old.

While Oh Henry, Sketch, Candy, Maycee, Smokee and Lucky all tested positive for felv, it is important to note that cats can actually live a very long time with felv and will typically far outlive an outdoor cat. While there is no guarantee exactly how long that will be, we believe each one deserves the best possible life regardless of who long that may be. If you don't have any other felines in your home, please consider adopting one of these fine cats, so their dream of a wonderful forever home can become his reality. Felv can only be transmitted from cat to cat, and they can live safely with dogs and humans. Donation based adoption fee applies.

If you cannot adopt, please consider donating to their care. We are an unfunded non-profit charitable rescue that relies on public tax-deductible donations. We thank you for your generosity!!

Sammy needs a forever home Sammy is a sweet Calico Tabby with a touch of a Persian face She is very friendly, loving and gentle, gets along with other animals, and adjusts well to almost anything and everything:) She has a great personality, silly and personable and on all counts, a very special little cat!!! Sammy does require a little extra care due periodic sinus congestion, that most likely has something to do with her Persian Nose:) And, she sometimes snores when she sleeps:) But, she will make it easy for you to care for her, and is well worth the work!!! If you would like more information about Sammy, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please visit or ask others to visit our web site - catado.org to see other kittens/cats who are not special needs that await their forever homes as well....

We wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season


Read ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays...

Holiday hazards are equally challenging and sometimes downright dangerous. The winter season is full of holiday festivities and therefore the holidays are important times to take special precautions for the health and safety of pets. It is a good idea to give special consideration towards animals that you are thinking of bringing into the home at this time too.

Plants (holly, mistletoe, poinsettia etc.,) are poisonous to pets. Other hazards include glass ornaments, edible ornaments, electrical cords, heated decorative bulbs, hooks, tinsel, and a wide variety of other decorating items. Make sure they are kept out of reach or in places your animals cannot get to them. Other hazards include chocolate, alcohol, and caffeine which can make your animals very ill or, in some cases, kill them.

Other problems can include the sharp needles from the Christmas tree which can cause intestinal problems or worse. Pets may climb, or knock the tree over, so it may be best to keep the tree in a room that can be blocked off. Another option would be to keep the tree surrounded with a mini barrier (helps with small kids too!) such as baby gates or even a large playpen or portable kennel fence (safely decorated this can look nice). Candles are another hazard, not only for burns, but for fire hazards!

Animals will find any holiday things appealing and tempting to play with or explore. Shock, electrocution, ingesting odd objects, knocking over things to get at something, burns, broken glass, and toxic plants or painted items can wreck havoc on your pet by injuring or killing them and the efforts to save them can be costly both emotionally and financially. Preventing the hazards by taking precautions is the best cure.

Who We Are:

Cat A Do Cat Co-Op is an Arizona non-profit corporation, registered under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable, tax exempt organization. We are a no-kill cooperative cat rescue group. All rescue activities are carried on by unpaid volunteers with the help of public service and donations. We are an all volunteer organization consisting of experienced and dedicated rescue people along with public samaritans who realized the benefits of joining together to combine their experience, knowledge, and resources to help re-home homeless cats. We are a foster-home based rescue, not a shelter.

Our Purpose:
The purpose of Cat A Do Cat Co-Op is to rescue, rehabilitate (when necessary) and place domestic cats into stable homes; to control overpopulation of feral (un-socialized) cats by a humane process called “TNR” (Trap, Neuter & Release), to educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership in an attempt to alleviate the problem of unwanted pets, and to build public awareness about the human-animal bond and its benefits to society.

Our Mission:
The mission of Cat A Do Cat Co-Op is to aid in the provision a new beginning for unwanted cats and kittens who might otherwise be euthanized or perish from exposure to the elements without food or shelter. We support parties able to foster kittens or cats they have found in a safe, loving foster environment by providing rehabilitation, assisting with medical needs with the ultimate goal of adopting them into new forever homes. We will educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering and how to choose the right pet for their family in order to reduce the population of unwanted pets in our community. We will do this in a compassionate, friendly and professional manner ensuring a rewarding experience for our rescuers, fosters and adopters and to further benefit the animals in our care.

DEC 3-4 Garage Sale Fund-Raiser To Benefit Homeless Animals - RESCHEDULED

Please help us to raise needed funds to benefit homeless and special needs animals that have been abandoned or surrendered. Items needed for Garage Sale Fundraiser to take place in January. We will pick up items during the month of December or sooner!.

We need your donations of: furniture, electronics, appliances, sports equipment, tools, bedding, clothing, books, recreation items, movies..and more!

Please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ASAP for info.

Fostering for the holidays!!!

Have you thought about fostering an animal before, but don't because you can't foster long term? Have you thought about adopting an animal, but weren't sure you were ready for the commitment. Here is a great way to you can try it out and help homeless animals at the same time!

Our hope is that our rescue kittens and cats who are in cages at our Petco Adoption Center, or who would otherwise by in a foster home, do not have to spend the holidays in a cage while their fosters are away for the holidays...

You take in the cat or kitten and treat it as if it were your own pet. Give them lots of TLC, get to know their likes/dislikes, and let them have a safe, loving place to stay on a temporary basis. This experience is so rewarding Does this sound like something you can do? If so, please fill out the Foster Home Application at CatADo.org and email it back to us. The animals will thank you and are anxious to fill up your home with their warmth for the holidays!

Volunteer to Help Homeless Cats and Kittens

There are a lot of other ways to volunteer your time to help Cat A Do cats:

Administrative Support - Help with data entry needed to maintain cat profiles, medical and adoption history.

Animal Care Consultants - One day a week, visit and attend to animals at our PetCo Adoption Center.

Adoption Counselors - If you are discerning and a person who can read between the lines, help to interview potential adopters on-line or in person to see if the pet they are interested in will be a good match.

Transport - Transport cats to/from vet appointments, from the County Shelter to us, to/from adoption day or a special event, etc.

Adoption Day Assistance - Speak with the public about the cats and kittens we have up for adoption, help to keep litter boxes clean, set-up and take-down, attend to animals during the event, assist with adoptions.

Special Events - We attend various special events throughout the year. This gives the animals in our care extra adoption options and let's the public know who we are. Volunteers are always needed at these events to help in various ways including setting up booths, speaking with the public, helping to sell merchandise and running activities.

Many other opportunities..just download the Volunteer Application at CatADo.org and email it back to us. Let us know how you would like to help!!!

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