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Please Help Anthony's Cat!

Written by Anthony’s mom in her plea for help for her two year old son and his 2 year old kitty…July 23, 2011

This is Anthony and Skittles. They have been together since the day they where born, best friends forever. They are both now 2 yrs old and still inseparable.. My son has a learning and speech disability. He also has seizures when he sleeps. Skittles lets me know when he is having one by waking me up. She is the best cat we have ever had. She is part of our family. We moved down here over a year ago from New Mexico, because our son almost got shot by a drive by. We have been living here for a year with no problems.

On July 20, 2011 we all were outside playing. Skittles was outside with us; she was fine walking around the yard and playing with kids. We came inside and she stayed outside with my sister’s cat. We tried looking for her and couldn’t find her. Around 2am the next morning our dogs were barking. We went outside to look who it was and she was laying on our porch crying, practically screaming for our help. We brought her inside and found what we thought was a bb hole in her upper left hip area, it was really bad! Anthony saw her and tears went flying he had looked up at me with those big baby eyes and asked "Mommy is kitty gonna be ok?" I didn’t know what to tell him.

We took her to the vet later that morning where we found out Skittles was shot by a .22 NOT a bb, and her femur is shattered. The only thing that can be done is amputation; please help this family save their beloved cat for their son. Her hip is shattered and it is going to cost $1500 for surgery to remove the bb and have her leg fixed. We have a low income as it is; we are struggling just with rent.

If there is an angel out their sent from heaven, Please help my son’s kitty be ok......

You can make your donations to Anthony on the online chip (via pay pal) at http://catado.chipin.com/skittles-the-cats-vet-bill or drop your check donation off at Main Street Animal Clinic, located at 2205 E. Main, Mesa, AZ 85213. If enough money is raised quickly Skittles can have surgery this week. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS URGENT MATTER!!!