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Update: Ginger and Jake have found home! Thank you for your interest.
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Please Help Anthony's Cat!

Written by Anthony’s mom in her plea for help for her two year old son and his 2 year old kitty…July 23, 2011

This is Anthony and Skittles. They have been together since the day they where born, best friends forever. They are both now 2 yrs old and still inseparable.. My son has a learning and speech disability. He also has seizures when he sleeps. Skittles lets me know when he is having one by waking me up. She is the best cat we have ever had. She is part of our family. We moved down here over a year ago from New Mexico, because our son almost got shot by a drive by. We have been living here for a year with no problems.

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Aly needs your help!!!

Update: Aly has been adopted and is now in a safe home!

Aly needs foster family ASAP Alexandra (aka: Aly) is a beautiful fluffy small framed black maine coon/Bombay mix with highlights of red and silver in her luxurious coat. She is approximately 18 mos old and one of the most docile loving kitties you could ever meet. So relaxed, and calm....she will lay on your lap for hours and just let you pet her....and pet her....with no intention of ever wanting to leave. She is precious in every way.

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